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PURO HERB Face whitening Serum

Size: 70 ML
Pure herbal whitening serum is a product of licorice root extract which has significant brightening properties that improve the appearance of dull skin.

VIT C block the enzyme responsible for melanin (pigmentation) production in turn resulting in brighter, glow skin, and fewer dark spots Licorice root extract in combination with VIT C and B5 prevent common signs of aging such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PURO herbal whitening serum is a multipurpose power house that can protect, repair, and enhance your skin tone.

Direction: Apply a few drops of serum all over the face and neck start by taping it into your skin a gently massage it into desire areas with your fingertips.

Ideally that you apply the product on cleansed face at night before bed and wash you face the following morning with warm water.

Use product daily for best results.

Ingredients: licorice root extract, VitC, Alfa arbutin, kojic Acid, Vit B5, Niacin amide, Allention, Deionized water, lemon perfume

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