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Size: 185 ML
A unique organic shampoo for the control of hair fall, growth, alopecia, dandruff, early hair greying, and fungal and yeast infection in skin specially prepared for normal and greasy hair a wonderful invention for hair and best quality in cosmetic world this organic shampoo offer perfect balance of refined natural essences in modern technology enriched with precious herbal extract it has long lasting organic effect.

Note: Natural herbal formulation tend to change color with time however the product efficacy remain unchanged.

INGREDIENTS: sodium lauryl sulphate, cocamdiopropyl betaine ,Ratanjot root extracts , belcher extracts, coconut oil, amla, castor oil, shikakai extracts, reetha extracts, bergneem extracts, henna extracts, fenugreek extracts, guava leaves extracts, charilla extracts, tocopheryl extracts(VIT E), Niacin amide ( VIT B3) glycerin, aqua, sunflower oil, sesame oil, neem oil extracts.

NOTE: Store at room temperature keep in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture keep tightly closed after use, for external use only.

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